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The Spiritual Fizz podcast is where we connect the spiritual and physical worlds. Join us as we visit ancient places, meet engaging guests, and delve into relevant news and insightful commentaries.

Travel with us to the stone circles of Europe, the rock art of the Sahara Desert, and other ancient sites that connect us with the spiritual world. We'll have lively discussions with mindful guests about their own personal spiritual experiences and insights. You'll hear about upcoming events and reflect on commentaries about the spiritual world around us. 




Apr 1, 2018

Five millennia ago along a Scottish hillside and northern loch waters the Callanish Stones were used for spiritual rituals. Our featured guest Jennifer Wilhoit has a PHD in environmental studies, and is a spiritual ecologist and researcher who writes about our relationship with nature. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances including Easter and Passover.

Show Segments

  • Intro: 00:00
  • Spiritual Reflection: Silence of the Snowy Woods: 01:10
  • Spiritual Events and Observances: Easter and Passover: 02:20
  • Spiritual Places: Callanish Stones: 03:42
  • Featured Guest: Spiritual Ecologist, Jennifer Wilhoit: 05:44
  • Outro: 33:34

Our Featured Guest

Jennifer Wilhoit has a PHD in Environmental Studies, and is a spiritual ecologist, researcher, and writer. Her latest book is titled “Writing on the Landscape: Essays and Practices to Write, Roam, Renew.” You can find out more about Jennifer, her books, and her other writings at her website.


Show Resources and Links

The Christian holiday of Easter.

The Jewish holiday of Passover.

Activities of the Holy Father Pope Francis

The schedule for the Dalai Lama.

Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng events.



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