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The Spiritual Fizz podcast is where we connect the spiritual and physical worlds. Join us as we visit ancient places, meet engaging guests, and delve into relevant news and insightful commentaries.

Travel with us to the stone circles of Europe, the rock art of the Sahara Desert, and other ancient sites that connect us with the spiritual world. We'll have lively discussions with mindful guests about their own personal spiritual experiences and insights. You'll hear about upcoming events and reflect on commentaries about the spiritual world around us. 




Mar 18, 2018

Devils Tower is an important part of Native American folklore, and was the location of the popular 1977 movie Close Encounters. Our featured guest Jock Brocas is an evidential spirit medium who works tirelessly to prove the existence of life after death. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances...

Mar 4, 2018

The spiritual significance of the highest mountain in North America is shown in the sacred folklore of many Native American tribes. Our featured guest Anthony Ward is a master floral sculptor who works with the natural beauty of flowers and their arrangement to bring peace and tranquility into life. Learn about...